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Books & book chapters:
Dold, B. (2014): Mineralogical and geochemical controls in biomining and bioremediation. In: Parmar, N. and Singh, A. (Eds.). Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry, Soil Biology 39, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 119-135. Link to the publisher

Dold, B. (1999): Mineralogical and geochemical changes of copper flotation tailings in relation to their original composition and climatic settings - Implications for acid mine drainage and element mobility. Terre & Environnement, Geneva, v. 18, 230 p. ISBN 2-940153-17-5.


Open Access book chapter:
Dold, B. (2010): “Basic concepts in environmental geochemistry of sulfide mine-waste management”. In: Sunil Kumar (Ed.) “Waste Management”, ISBN 978-953-7619-84-8. INTECH open access publications, 173-198. Link to open access

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Open Access:
Hudson-Edwards, K., Dold, B. (2014): Editorial. Special Issue: Mine Waste Characterization, Management and Remediation. Minerals, 4(2). Link to open access

Dold, B. (2014): Submarine Tailings Disposal – A Review. Special Issue: Mine Waste Characterization, Management and Remediation. Minerals, 4(3), 642-666. Link to open access

Dold, B. (2014): Evolution of Acid Mine Drainage in sulfidic mine tailings – A Review. Special Issue: Mine Waste Characterization, Management and Remediation. Minerals, 4(3), 621-641. Link to open access

Diaby, N., Dold, B. (2014): Evolution of geochemical and mineralogical parameters during in-situ remediation of a marine shore tailings deposit by the implementation of a wetland. Special Issue: Mine Waste Characterization, Management and Remediation. Minerals, 4(3), 578-602. Link to open access

Alarcon, R., Gaviria, J., Dold, B. (2014): Liberation of adsorbed and co-precipitated arsenic from jarosite, schwertmannite, ferrihydrite, and goethite in seawater. Special Issue: Mine Waste Characterization, Management and Remediation. Minerals, 4(3), 603-620. Link to open access

Murray, J., Kirschbaum, A., Dold, B., Mendez, E., Panunzio, E. (2014): Jarosite versus soluble iron-sulfate formation and their role in acid mine drainage formation at the Pan de Azúcar mine tailings (Zn-Pb-Ag), NW Argentina. Special Issue: Mine Waste Characterization, Management and Remediation. Minerals, 4(2), 477-502. Link to open access


Published (ISI and/or Scopus listed):
Pinget, M.-C., Dold, B., Zentilli, M., Fontboté, L. (2014, in press): Reported "supergene" sphalerite rims at the Chuquicamata porphyry deposit (northern Chile) revisited: evidences for a hypogene origin. Economic Geology, 110(1), 253-262. Link to the publisher

Smuda, J., Dold, B., Spangenberg, J.E., Bustos, C., Kobek, M., Pfeifer, H.-R. (2014): Element cycling during the transition from alkaline to acidic environment in an active porphyry copper tailings impoundment, Chuquicamata, Chile. Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 140, 23–40. Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Gonzalez-Toril, E., Aguilera, A., Lopez-Pamo, E., Cisternas, M.-E., Amils, R. (2013). Acid rock drainage and rock weathering in Antarctica – important sources for iron cycling in the Southern Ocean. Environmental Sciences & Technology. 47(12). 6129–6136. Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Weibel, L. (2013). Biogeometallurgical pre-mining characterization of ore deposits: A new approach to increase sustainability in the mining process. Special Issue: “Mining and the Environment - Understanding Processes, Assessing Impacts and Developing Remediation". Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 20 (11), 7777-7786. Link to the publisher

Korehi, H., Kock, D., Dold, B., Schippers, A. (2013): Microbial ecology of extreme acidophile and halophile bacterial communities at the Chañaral porphyry copper tailings deposit. Environmental Sciences & Technology, 47 (5), 2189–2196. Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Diaby, N., Spangenberg, J.E. (2011): Remediation of a marine shore tailings deposit and the importance of water-rock interaction on element cycling in the coastal aquifer. Environmental Science & Technology, 45(11), 4876-4883. Link to the publisher

Sima, M., Dold, B., Frei, L., Senila, M., Balteanu, D., Zobrist, J. (2011). Sulfide oxidation and acid mine drainage formation within two active tailings impoundments in the Golden Quadrangle of the Apuseni Mountains, Romania. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 189, 624-639. Link to the publisher

Bea, S.A., Ayora, C., Carrera, J., Saaltink, M.W., Dold, B. (2010): Geochemical and environmental controls on the genesis of efflorescent salts on coastal mine tailings deposits: A discussion based on reactive transport modeling. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 111, 65-82. Link to the publisher

Wisskirchen, C., Dold, B., Friese, K., Spangenberg, J.E., Morgenstern, Gläser, W. (2010): Geochemistry of highly acidic mine water disposal into a natural lake with carbonate bedrock. Applied Geochemistry, 25(8), 1107-1119. Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Wade, C., Fontboté, L. (2009): Water management for acid mine drainage control at the polymetallic Zn-Pb-(Ag-Bi-Cu) deposit of Cerro de Pasco, Peru. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 100 (2-3), 133-141.Link to the publisher Link to KFPE support

Zobrist, J., Sima, M., Dogaru, D., Senila, M., Yang, H., Popescu, C., Roman, C., Abraham, B., Frei, L., Dold, B., Balteanu, D. (2009): Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment of Impacts by Mining Activities – A Case Study in the Certej Valley, Western Carpathians, Romania. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 16 (Suppl), S14-S26. Link to the publisher

Dold, B. (2008): Sustainability in metal mining: from exploration, over processing towards mine waste management. Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology, 7(4), 275-285. Link to the Publisher 

Smuda, J., Dold, B., Spangenberg, J.E., Pfeifer, H.-R. (2008): Geochemistry and stable isotope composition of fresh alkaline porphyry copper tailings: Implications on sources and mobility of elements during transport and early stages of deposition. Chemical Geology, 256 (1-2), 62-76.Link to the publisher

Dold, B. (2007): Biogeochemical processes in mine tailings with special focus on marine shore tailings deposits and their remediation. Advanced Materials Research, 20-21, 177-187. 

Dold, B., Friese, K. (2007): "Biogeochemical studies about the environmental impacts of mining on ground and surface waters" EDITORIAL. Special Issue of the Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 92, v-vi.

Spangenberg, J.E., Dold, B., Vogt, M.-L., Pfeifer H.R. (2007): The stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope composition of waters from mine tailings in different climatic environments. Environmental Science & Technology. 41(6); 1870-1876. Link to the publisher

Diaby, N., Dold, B., Holliger, C., Pfeifer, H.R., Johnson, D.B., Hallberg, K.B. (2007): Microbial communities in a porphyry copper tailings impoundment and their impact on the geochemical dynamics of the mine waste. Environmental Microbiology, 9(2), 298-307. Link to the publisher

Smuda, J., Dold, B., Friese, K., Morgenstern, Gläser, W. (2007): The mineralogy and geochemistry of the Excelsior waste-rock dump from the polymetallic Zn-Pb-(Ag-Bi-Cu) deposit Cerro de Pasco, Peru. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 92, 97-110. Link to the publisher

Dold, B. (2006): Element flows associated with marine shore mine tailings deposits. Environmental Science & Technology, 40, 752-758. Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Spangenberg, J. (2005): Sulfur speciation and stable isotope trends of water-soluble sulfates in mine tailings profiles. Environmental Science & Technology, 39, 5650-5656. Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Blowes, D.W., Dickhout, R., Spangenberg, J.E., Pfeifer, H.R. (2005): Low molecular weight carboxylic acids in oxidizing sulfide mine tailings. Environmental Science & Technology, 39, 2515-2521. Link to the publisher

Dold, B. (2003): Dissolution kinetics of schwertmannite and ferrihydrite in oxidized mine samples and their detection by differential X-ray diffraction (DXRD). Applied Geochemistry, 18,1531-1540. Link to the publisher

Dold, B. (2003): Speciation of the most soluble phases in a sequential extraction procedure adapted for geochemical studies of copper sulfide mine waste. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 80, 55-68. Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Fontboté, L. (2002): A mineralogical and geochemical study of element mobility in sulfide mine tailings of the Fe-oxide Cu-Au deposits from the Punta del Cobre district, northern Chile. Chemical Geology, 189(3-4), 135-163.Link to the publisher

Dold, B., Fontboté, L. (2001): Element cycling and secondary mineralogy in porphyry copper tailings as a function of climate, primary mineralogy and mineral processing. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 74 (1-3), 3-55.Link to the publisher


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