Bernhard Dold Sustainable Mining Research & Consultancy
Bernhard Dold Sustainable Mining Research & Consultancy

Research & Development

We develop research strategies for your operational needs in order to improve metal recovery in your process (e.g. flotation, bioleaching operation) or to minimize your environmental impact during operation and in the post operational phase. To reach this goal, precise knowledge of your ore deposit inlcuding mineralogical, geochemical, hydrogeological,  and microbiological data are needed. We collaborate with leading research institutions and universities in order to garantee highest analitical standards and quality control. With these data a thorough process analysis can be undertaken and the process can be greately optimized. With our experience and expertise we are happy to help you to reach your goals.


Our services:

  • Development, execution, and quality control of research plan
  • Design of advanced mineralogical and geochemical analysis for your specific needs (Optical Mineralogy, X-ray diffraction, QEMSCAN®, Sequential Extractions, Stable Isotopes, Microprobe, Laser-ICP-MS).
  • Mineralogical, geochemical, geomicrobiological, geometallurgical, biogeometallurgical, geobiotechnological, and hydrogeological studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies (EIS)
  • Closure plans

Online Consulting:

We offer also online or telephone consulting for specific questions. Ask for conditions.

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