Bernhard Dold Sustainable Mining Research & Consultancy
Bernhard Dold Sustainable Mining Research & Consultancy

Sustainability Analysis

Your company has to adapt rapidly nowadays to the changing environment and the external conditions in order to operate successfully. The sustainability of your operation is a key factor to ensure future successful operation of your business. In order to be able to analyze the sustainability of an operation, extensive experience in all three compartment areas is requiered. This implies in the mining operation itself to improve the economic benefit; i.e. increase the efficiency of your process; in the environmental sector to minimize the environmental impact today and in the future; as well as in the social sector to ensure the acceptance of your operations in society. 

In a sustainability analysis these three sectors of your operations are critically analyzed by an external experienced view, in order to highlight sectors which could be improved to reach a better operational outcome.

The analysis includes:

  • Analysis and optimization of the mining process (search for disturbing factors) 
  • Analysis of the environmental impact and its minimization
  • Analysis of the perception by different stakeholders and their integration in the mining process
  • Development of an integrated sustainable concept of your operation
  • Implementation of the concept in the process
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