Bernhard Dold Sustainable Mining Research & Consultancy
Bernhard Dold Sustainable Mining Research & Consultancy

Welcome to SUMIRCO

SUMIRCO provides high-quality scientific advice and consultancy to increase the sustainability of the mining industry. We support you in project planing, data production, quality control, and strategic decision support for your mine project, from the start of the exploration phase right up to final closure. Sustainability needs to be part of the business philosophy of your operation, whether you are a small mining operation or a CEO of a global player. We will help you to optimize your operation and prepare you for the future needs of the global market.

Providing optimized advice through knowledge, experience, and competences is our brand. Learn more about us and the former work we have carried out. Where others see problems, we see opportunities, where others see waste, we see resources. We help you from planning through controlling and changing management strategies to optimize your operation. Ultimately, your employees are your most valuable resources, and we can help you through qualified capacity building to ensure the successful implementation of sustainability and advanced production methodologies  by training, advising and supporting your team.

Sustainability analysis and sustainable georesources management

Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical studies

Acid Mine Drainage prediction, control, and prevention

Advanced Mineralogical and geochemical studies

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